PROVINCIAL 2008 Winners and Nominees

Winners are highlighted in RED

We receive entries from CANADA, USA, GERMANY, AUSTRALIA, UK, AFRICA, SPAIN & other countries

Best Provincial Adult Contemporary CD Album
* Briana Stewart “Hero of Fools”, Langley, BC
* David Blair, “Hard To Control” Vancouver, BC
* Jagger Cook. "All Our Hands Are Dirty" Niagara, Ontario

Best Provincial Adult Contemporary Song
* Steely “Crumblin down”, Vancouver, BC
* Viceroybill, “Paddleboat Ride in Muskoka” Huntsville, Ont.  

Best Provincial Adult Contemporary Male Artist
* David Blair, Vancouver, BC,  Site
* Jagger Cook. Niagara, Ontario, Site

Best Provincial Blues CD Album
* Marshall Lawrence “The Morning After”, Edmonton, Alberta
* Mud Dog, “River of my Soul”, Coquitlam,BC

Best Provincial Male Blues Artist
* Marshall Lawrence, Edmonton, Alberta, Site

Best Provincial Country Song
* Mark Jacob “Piece of my heart”, Orillia, Ontario  

Best Provincial Country CD Album
* Shanna Lynn, “Shanna Lynn” Richmond, BC

Best Provincial Dance Song
* Janyse “Dreamers”, Kelowna, BC 
* Mobadass “Reggae On Broadway (Ovi Bistriceanu Island House Mix) ”, Saskatoon, SK