Will Matthews

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Will Matthews is a musician who works hard writing, singing, and playing several instruments when he performs. He plays the acoustic guitar and has even incorporated a mandolin and banjo for certain songs. Even though Will now lives in Waterloo, Ontario, he grew up near Lake Erie. He fondly remembers having a cottage just ten minutes from the lake, and all his experiences with nature – whether it be by the water, on the beach, or by the campfire. Will feels that his upbringing being closely tied with the outdoors has affected his musical tastes and creations. You can get a feel for his sound from his upcoming CD titled “We Appreciate Your Business.”

He describes his songs as having a wide range from acoustic guitar to rockabilly with an overall “rootsy” sound. Will discusses what music means to him: “Music is an outlet. Things you can’t say and ideas you can’t express in any other way.” This ability to express himself is what drives him to write music. While Will has explored other creative endeavors such as painting, he has always found writing songs and poems is the most efficient way for him to express himself. He feels it is easier for others to understand his meaning through music, since other art forms tend to leave more room for subjective interpretation.

Will clearly has an all-encompassing understanding of music as a form of expression, and pays special attention to how he writes his music. This would also explain Will’s desire to collaborate with Justin Rutledge, a local musician who he describes as “a great writer with a great voice.” He believes a fresh writing perspective would greatly benefit his creative process, and the two worlds of different writing styles coming together would certainly make for an interesting fusion. When asked about his upcoming plans as a musical artist, Will humbly acknowledges that he considers himself to be an emerging artist, and is not too concerned with radio play.

Instead, he is perfectly content to get his CD out and circulating, and keep on performing his music for others. Visit www.myspace.com/willmatthewsmusic and listen to the rootsy music that was inspired by the great outdoors.