Diana Catherine and the Thrusty Tweeters

Gypsies Leave Haunted Tracks in Spirit Ranch!

A Séance of Sounds Conjured in the Spirit Ranch Sessions


If you’re a “Traveling Man” then “Come With Me Baby” and let’s take a “Walk” down a “Long Road.” Those are just four of the eleven haunted tracks left by Diana Catherine and the Thrusty Tweeters that will lead you to their debut release, the Spirit Ranch Sessions. The album is a séance of styles and stories that conjure the spirits of rock, blues, and country and just might possess your very soul with mystique, magic, and music.


“We’re just a family of travelin’, misfit, musical gypsies,” says band leader Diana Catherine. Beside Diana’s passionate vocals, powerful guitar, and bluesy harmonica, is Kevin Robinson on guitar, Nic DiSanto on bass, and Matt Blackie on drums. In 2008, these four musical gypsies packed up their caravan, and headed to a mystical secluded five-acre studio in Florida called the Spirit Ranch. The result was their debut release, Spirit Ranch Sessions; an eleven-track project co-produced by Bud Snyder (The Allman Brothers) and Matt Blackie. The album contains songs composed by Diana Catherine during 2008. Each track reflects a piece of life experience crafted carefully with characters and storylines to which everyone can relate.


“We weren’t trying to re-invent the wheel,” says Catherine, “we have something to offer; an updated version of classic musical genres and styling.” Indeed, many of the varied stylistic sounds that coalesce in this album hark back to musical masters such as Tom Petty, Bob Dylan and Stevie Nicks. In the first track, “Walk,” Catherine’s harmonica sets up a track that fuses a trace of rockabilly with a classic folk/rock sound. Behind the song is a driving up-tempo beat that sets up the album’s journey. “It’s a long road, it’s a hard road,” however the lyrical story within “Long Road” holds the listener to the double-yellow lines with blistering guitar riffs, and “drives like hell” over an addictive bridge. With a classic/retro sound, “Travelin’ Man,” explodes with a bluesy feel and clever combination of electric and acoustic guitar. “Sober (Is Hard to Stay),” features backup vocals from Sarasota musician Randy Tracy wrapped up in a Dylan-ish, country-fried version of a dangerously addictive song about addiction. “Drifting” presents an ethereal ballad reminiscent of Pink Floyd with eerie guitar and delicate vocals.


The Spirit Ranch Sessions is a séance of sounds that will possess your musical soul. The haunted tracks these gypsies have left behind aren’t hard to follow, and the trip will leave you thirsty for more from Diana Catherine and the Thrusty Tweeters. If you’re not a “Travelin’ Man,” don’t worry...they’re about to pack up their gypsy caravan again for a tour! In 2009 Diana and her Thrusters will be touring across Canada, and 2010 they will be making a trek across the USA. All of their tour dates are available at their MySpace link below, or you can follow the tracks of these Tweeters on Twitter.



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